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Webinar - Dealing with Drought on the Ranch

Presenters: Erika Murphy and Jeff Meyers, Coyote Creek Angus Ranch, Hayden, CO

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Webinar # 12 - Ag Irrigation Improvement Projects and Funding Sources

Presenters: Gretchen Rank, Executive Director, Mancos Conservation District and

Dave ("DK") Kanzer, Deputy Chief Engineer, Colorado River Water Conservation District ("River District")

Improvement Projects: Mancos River Diversion Structures and the Lower Gunnison River Ditch Systems 

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Webinar #11 - Middle Colorado River Ditch and Diversion Structure Assessment

Presenters: Wendy Ryan, Colorado River Engineering, and Sara Dunn, Balcomb and Green Law Firm

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Webinar #10 - Wildfire and Watershed Management Planning

Presenter: Weston Toll, Watershed Program Specialist, Colorado State Forest Service

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Webinar #9 - Restoration Work on the Upper Colorado River near Kremmling - Ag and Stream Benefits

Presenter: Paul Bruchez, Kremmling area rancher and fishing guide

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Webinar #8 - 2019 Ag Producer Survey on Watershed and Stream Management Planning

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Webinar #7 - Rio Grande Water Conservation District's SubDistrict #1 Water Management Plan

Presenters: Amber Pacheco, Program Manager, Rio Grande Water Conservation District, and Marisa Fricke, Program Manager, Subdistrict #1

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 Webinar #6 - What do Municipalities Look for in a Lease

Presenters: Dawn Jewell, City of Aurora and Mike Fink, City of Fountain

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 Webinar #5 - 2017 South Platte River Storage Study Results

Presenters: Joe Frank, Lower South Platte Water Conservancy District, and Mary Presecan, Leonard Rice Engineers

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 Webinar #4 - Ag Water Lease Screening Support Tool

Presenter: Phil Brink, Ag Water NetWORK Consulting Coordinator

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Webinar #3 - Grand Valley Water Users Association’s (GVWUA) ATM Pilot Project Results

Presenters: Mark Harris, GVWUA Manager and Luke Gingerich, JUB Engineering

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Webinar #2 - Irrigation Efficiency & Consumptive Use: Facts & Myths

Presenters: Kevin Rein, State Engineer, DWR and Bill Trampe, Gunnison Area Rancher, and Gunnison Basin Roundtable member.

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 Webinar #1 - Successful ATMs in Colorado

Presenters: Chris Kraft, Fort Morgan Ditch Company and farmer/owner of Badger Creek Dairies; and Jack Goble, P. E., LAVWCD

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Partial project funding for the Ag Water NetWORK is provided by a 2022 grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.
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