Watershed & Stream Mgmt. Plan Training

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Colorado Cattlemen’s Ag Water NetWORK   

Watershed and Stream Management Plan

Training for Agriculture 


Monday, May 6th, 2019

Haven Assisted Living Conference Room, 300 S. Shelton St.

Hayden, CO 81639

9:00 - 5:00 pm

Cost:  $0

Lunch provided


Purpose:  Train prospective ag-oriented coordinators and volunteers who want to lead and actively represent agriculture’s interests while engaging with other water stakeholders in local watershed and stream management planning and implementation efforts. Participants will gain an understanding of stream and watershed management plans and how agriculture can benefit by working with other water stakeholders through the planning and implementation process.


Topics we’ll Cover:  

  • Stream and Watershed Management Plan Basics (goals, features, benefits, funding)
  • Ag & Water (irrigation methods, efficiency vs. conservation, return flow, augmentation)
  • Water Stakeholders  - What’s important to each group?
  • Water Law 101 (The priority system, consumptive use, water rights)
  • Examples of Plans & Projects
  • Field tour of projects on Walker Ditch and Gibraltar Ditch

Participant Requirements:

•     Some familiarity / connection with the local agricultural industry

•     Provide a letter or email of support from an agricultural organization (Cattlemen’s / Cattlewomen’s, Farm Bureau, Farmers Union, Conservation District, Irrigation Company, YWG Basin Roundtable, etc.)


At their essence, watershed and stream management plans are created to evaluate local water-related problems, secure funding, and design and implement improvements.  The Colorado’s Water Plan established the following goals to be achieved by 2030:

•     cover 80% of the locally prioritized rivers  with stream management plans

•     cover 80% of critical watersheds with watershed protection plans. 


Register / Questions: 

Patrick Stanko, Community Ag Alliance Coordinator at 970-214-6941; patrick@communityagalliance.org

Phil Brink, Ag Water NetWORK Consulting Coordinator at 303-475-3453 or phil@brinkinc.biz


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Partial project funding for the Ag Water NetWORK is provided by a 2019 grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.
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