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The Ag Water NetWORK offers training workshops focused on the nexus between agriculture and watershed and stream management planning.  The training - which is designed for ag producers and representatives of agricultural organizations - covers fundamental elements of watershed and stream management plans, the priorities of agriculture and other water stakeholders, water law and irrigation basics and examples of different projects that are benefiting agricultural producers and other water interests. Please contact Phil if you would like to set up a workshop.


Purpose:  Train prospective ag-oriented coordinators and volunteers who want to lead and / or actively represent agriculture’s interests while engaging with other water stakeholders in local watershed and stream management planning. The training is designed to help participants gain an understanding of stream and watershed management plans and how agriculture can benefit by working with other water stakeholders through the planning and implementation process.


We are currently working with other organizations to set up workshops in 2020.  In 2019, we conducted the workshops shown below. 


1.  May 6, 2019 in Hayden in cooperation with the local Community Agricultural Alliance (CAA) and in collaboration with the Colorado Ag Water Alliance (CAWA). 


2.  September 17, 2019 in Meeker in cooperation with the Rio Blanco Stockgrowers and in support of the Integrated Water Management Planning (IWMP) development process which is being explored for the White River Basin.  This effort is led by the Rio Blanco / Douglas Creek Conservation Districts.  Collaborative support for this workshop was also provided by CAWA, the NRCS, and the Mancos Conservation District.


Training Topics:  

  • Stream and Watershed Management Plan Basics (goals, features, benefits, funding)
  • Ag & Water (irrigation methods, efficiency vs. conservation, return flow, augmentation)
  • Water Stakeholders  - What’s important to each group?
  • Water Law 101 (The priority system, consumptive use, water rights)
  • Examples of Plans & Projects
  • Field tour of local project(s) if available

Participant Requirements:

 - Some familiarity / connection with the local agricultural industry

 - For non-producers, provide an email of support from an agricultural organization (Cattlemen’s / Cattlewomen’s, Farm Bureau, Farmers  Union, Conservation District, Irrigation Company, YWG Basin Roundtable, etc.)


Training Modules (Meeker workshop):

MODULE 1 Wtrshd and SMP basics Workshop

MODULE 2 Water Law 101

MODULE 3 Ag irrigation & what is important to stakeholders

MODULE 4 Plans and Projects Part 1

MODULE 4 Plans and Projects part 2

MODULE 4 Plans and Projects Part 3

MODULE 4 Plans and Projects Part 4

MODULE 5 Funding Sources
















Partial project funding for the Ag Water NetWORK is provided by a 2022 grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.
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